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Ad Astra Group has leveraged its current partnerships and industrial pipelines in order to build out an agency dedicated to offering healthy, honest, and thorough supply-chains. Our goal is to streamline the approach of getting better products into the hands that need it. We have taken it on ourselves to ensure quality control and more transparency in this time of crisis. We want to help and believe this is the time globally we all come together!  


We take each new relationship, clients, and product seriously. We not only onboard them into our platform, but we find several ways to directly add value and help with any inefficiencies along the way. By implementing innovative technologies, we strike up many collaborative partnerships, and help build systems to streamline them into this space. With this ambiguous incubator approach we have cast a wide net in a multitude of markets. 


Our direct product development has led us to be one the leading base formula providers for the hand sanitizer sector through COVID-19. We are converting Ethanol Refineries in North America, and even globally, to mix the federally approved base formulation for our clients. This not only reinstates jobs throughout this madness, but ideally, our true goal is to bring down the MSRP for the end user.

Ad Astra is a fully integrated strategic management firm harnessing turnkey solutions for the hemp space; working with companies, governments and capital allocators around the world to help foster a thorough understanding of the hemp industry and how they may choose to participate in it.

We see hemp as the most sustainable commodity of the future and are excited to participate in what we believe is the next Golden Age.  We are deeply rooted in the plant’s history and strategically integrated within nearly every relevant sector, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, building materials, bio-fuels, and plastics.​


Our direct connections in the marketplace open exclusive doors for our clients and partners, providing access to local, domestic and international material, and deep distribution roots across the product spectrum.  We emphasize transparency and integrity to build meaningful, long-term relationships with groups well-positioned across the value chain from genetics and pre-harvest activities through processing and product fulfillment. 


It is our intention to continue growing with our existing partners while forging new relationships to drive large-scale, efficient hemp biomass conversions throughout the agricultural market.

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