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THE ASTROSPHERE | Tiered based membership system



Providing strategic management, sustainable systems, and business development for next level pursuits globally | Maximizing results through collaboration and integration.


Our enterprise group, along with many other collaborators, has established an affiliate partnership program that includes the opportunity to join a fully integrated business community and lifecycle management platform. The goal of the platform is to strategically provide closed-looped sustainable business ecosystems. Our mission is to builds out each entrepreneur's individual value chain and to raise the ceiling on progressive expansion. 


MEMBER | Independent entity, strategic partner, business relationship, and/or client, that is directly contracted with either Ad Astra or their brands under their “Membership Terms” in order to collaborate with, contribute to, and benefit from the Ad Astra network, systems, and services.


Each member is bound by the terms and conditions within this Strategic Membership Alliance Letter Agreement  and the rules of engagement set forth within the shared “Ad Astra Membership Manual” (herein collectively referred to as “Membership Terms”. It is PARTNER’s responsibility to request if not yet received. 


GALAXY | Ad Astra Industries | Networks | A gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter.


  • Interstellar | Community Members | Basic

  • Stellar | Essential Members | Productive

  • Nebula | Strategic Members | Integrated

  • Supernova | Vip Members | Fully Integrated

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