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"there is no easy way from the earth to the stars"

seneca the younger (hercules furens)


Ad Astra Group, a fully integrated woman-owned and family operated business, is a strategic management firm dedicated to humanitarian and green driven initiatives across a wide range of industries. As are a solution-house, development and management firm, we are primarily focused on business development, strategy, and strategic relationships. 


Our emphasis is on creating circular economies for agricultural, health, wellness and personal care industries, including natural perishable commodities and green sustainable technologies. We have leveraged our current partnerships and industrial pipelines in order to build-out  the most healthy, honest, and thorough of supply-chains.​ Throughout all of our activities, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and believe it is our mandate to help industries evolve responsibly by institutionalizing best practices.


Ad Astra Group is strategically integrated with the very best of each vertical to ensure a solid turn-key service and streamlined approach. Our mission is to create and innovate by bringing sustainable and value driven solutions to nascent and evolving industries.


Ad Astra "to the stars" has symbolic origins that define our corporate archetypes and overall ethos. The name is derived from artfully crafted words by ancient philosophers who respect the journey one takes through life’s successes.

The original words of Virgil, who wrote in his Aeneid, “thus one journeys to the stars” and “desire to pursue the high [hard to reach] stars on wings” opened pathways for the Roman Stoic Philosopher, Seneca the Younger in Hercules, who wrote our mantra, "there is no easy way from earth to the stars".

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